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Reasons Why You Should Invest In Insulated Rolling Door in Tampa, FL

Whether you are a facility manager with many years of door know-how or a simple business owner who is just curious about how insulated roll-up doors may help your commercial business, here are some fundamentals on how our Tampa roll-up doors works, its benefits, and applications that would ideally suit best for any business in Tampa, FL.

At American Roll-Up Door Company, a division of DuraServ, loading dock products and services are the foundation of our business, they’re not all we offer. We also provide a wide range of products for our Tampa’s residential garage door and commercial doors, and one type that has been highly beneficial for many commercial businesses is an insulated rolling door, one of many Tampa’s commercial door products we can help you source.


What is a commercial rolling door?

A rolling door, or commonly known as the roll-up door is a type of door consisting of many horizontal slats either aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel hinged together in an overhead coil. Invented way back sometime around the 1920s, initially, roll-up doors were meant for garage doors in homes with the simple idea that doors can also open up and out of the way, allowing more room around the entrance of the garage.

American Roll-Up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ, provides the best quality Tampa commercial doors to the Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando and surrounding areas. Whether your commercial door interests lie in energy efficiency, fire protection, functionality, or aesthetic appearance; the professionals at American Roll-Up Door Co. has the experience to match the right door with your commercial property needs.

One of its best insulated rolling door models, the Cornell Thermiser® Insulated Rolling Door ESD20, ideally suited for business applications where temperature control, energy efficiency, protection, and cost savings are its top priorities. Commonly found in business applications such as schools, universities, health care facilities, bars and restaurants, parking areas, pharmacies and retail.


Why choose Insulated Rolling Door for your business, its benefits, and its applications?

DuraServ, doors product have been designed and engineered with certain specifications and functionalities, while our insulated rolling doors have their benefits for several applications making your investment worth more than you expected.

Unlike any ordinary door, insulated rolling doors are one of a kind, offering extra benefits such as climate control, product protection, energy efficiency, and even reducing noises. Significantly important for buildings or establishments located in harsh extreme climates, for facilities that have goods or items in need of extra care and protection.


Reason No. 1: Climate Control.

Climate controlled facilities or warehouses have standard temperature requirements to keep their items in good condition. Insulated doors are perfect for these climate-controlled environments, and by insulating your rolling doors you are creating an environmental separation between the external and internal in your facility or warehouse. Beneficially, climate control saves the company added expenses through energy efficiency.

The Cornell Thermiser® Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 is equipped with advanced full-perimeter seal and insulated galvanized steel curtains that can reduce in air infiltration and thermal transference. It has a Flame Spread Index of 0 and a Smoke Developed Index of 10(ASTM E84).

The slat has an R-value of 8.0 rate. An ideal choice for use in environments that require climate control, security, and durability:

• parking garages

• heavy industrial applications

• transportation and transit

• auto dealer service centers

For your new insulated rolling door installation needs, our Tampa Overhead Door and Tampa Sectional Door Design Teams can work with your architects to design your commercial entrances and exits from the ground up for maximum efficiency and safety.


Reason No. 2: Energy Efficient

Insulated doors help regulate, control, and maintain the desired temperature for your building or establishment. They can help save more money on electrical costs of heating systems and air conditioners by not letting them work as hard, with less energy. Less energy equals lower energy bills and company savings. The Thermiser® Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 is engineered with aluminum in the mill, clear and color anodized, built-in stainless steel - 300 series in #4 finish exterior openings, where it can manage and maintain different temperatures on each side of the door if necessary.

Suitably best for business applications where temperature control, hygiene and sanitation control, and big cost savings are of great importance such as:

• refrigeration and cold storage

• food and beverage

• pharmaceuticals

• health care facilities

Our Tampa Door Service Team is factory trained and fully qualified service technicians, some with 25 years of door experience will work 24/7 around the clock to keep your doors running.


Reason No. 3: Protection

Products or items need to be protected from harmful environmental elements such as heat, moisture, and humidity. With insulated doors, these products or items will be secured from the harm of unstable temperature changes and other environmental elements to prevent contamination and spoilage of your products or items. If unprotected from irreversible damage to your property, or product such as from, molding, shrinking, melting, or freezing, and company profit loss. Additionally, with insulated roll-up doors’ built with materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, they can provide the best security for your facility against thieves and unwanted persons. Its heavy-duty protection with its fortified locks and safety measures safeguards the entry and accessibility against all types of threats including burglary and fire hazards.

Cornell Thermiser® ESD20 rolls up compactly, offers superior protection against the elements, and improves security. Meets a maximum operational wind load of 20 PSF, requires little to no maintenance, and can deliver a low life cycle cost. Perfect choice for business applications when located in extreme climate, or during seasonal storms, and hurricanes.

• manufacturing

• high-security facilities

• heavy industrial applications

• energy-efficient facilities

Our Service Areas in Tampa Wind loaded Doors and Tampa Hurricane Doors has been providing Central and Northern Florida with all their Commercial Door and Dock service needs since 1981. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida with branch offices in both Tampa and Jacksonville. Reason No. 4: Reducing External Noise Another reason to invest in an insulated roll-up door is that it promotes a safer working environment. This extra benefit is perfect for facilities or buildings having a noisy industrial area or near a busy street. By sealing off every nook and cranny of a doorway it reduces and stops the creeping noise when entering your premises or working area.

Cornell Thermiser® is designed with 30 STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating for its curtain and 18 STC for the entire assembly, provides a full perimeter seal of these energy-efficient doors, and also reduces the sound transmission compared to non-insulated rolling doors. Best for business establishments who prioritize privacy, security, and space-savings such as:

• hospitals

• government offices

• schools and universities

• retail

• bar and restaurant

Our Tampa Fire Door Team has a full fleet of service and installation trucks and fully stocked warehouse, ready to take your call on a 24/7 schedule. Cornell Thermiser® Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 Key Highlights:

• Material Built: Aluminum-mill/clear/color anodized; Stainless steel: 300 series- #4 finish • Operational Wind Load: 20 PSF

• Sound Transmission Class (STC): Curtain -30/Assembly- 18

• Cycles: 50,000 Cycles (Standard)

• Safety Entrapment Protection Device: Available

• Rolling Door Protector: Available

• Curtain: Galvanized Steel with GalvaNex™ Polyester Enamel Finish

• Bottom Bar: Extruded Aluminum-Width is less than 24'5"/ Steel-Width is greater than 24'5"

• Coating: SpectraShield® Powder Coating- more than 180 colors available

If you are ready to make that insulated door decision happen, or you just want to know about our Cornell Thermiser® Insulated Rolling Door ESD20, you can contact us at Jacksonville - (904) 695‐0950, Orlando - (407) 857‐2427, Tampa - (813) 643‐7000.

American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors has been servicing all of North Florida for 39 years including St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Tampa, Gainesville, Lake City. Being the One-Stop-Shop for Commercial door and loading dock equipment includes 24/7 Parts and Service:

• Full fleet of service and installation trucks

• Fully stocked warehouse

• Team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians OEM Parts and Accessories

• Minimize Downtime

• Maximize Productivity

• Stocked Inventory

• Parts Availability Planned Maintenance Program

• Protect Your Investment

• Reduce Lifetime Ownership Costs

You can make a service request or you can visit our service areas in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL. To learn more about us, check-out our website.

What Would Happened if a Dock Leveler is not working properly in Orlando, FL?

Some business owners with loading docks may be considered successful in their areas of expertise, while others are still struggling with their daily conundrums on how to save on cost and expenses, especially on its equipment and machinery like dock levelers in Orlando, Florida.

Top of the line dock levelers are designed, engineered, and warrantied for long years of use, but every product is not meant to last forever and needs repair if it has reached its a breaking point. If the equipment breaks down, you will be losing your worker productivity, long delays will create low downtimes, and eventually more company profit losses.

Unfortunately, that machinery and equipment need maintenance, and knowing to notice in advance issues and fix them early, will save more dollars for your company. Here American Roll-Up Door Company, a division of DuraServ, has been providing Central and Northern Florida with all their Commercial Door and Dock service needs since 1981, shares some frequently-asked questions with answers and suggestions on some most common dock leveler issues and what can be done to prevent loss of productivity, or on a worst-case of injuring a worker.

Question Number 1: Our dock leveler sometimes springs out or pops up, but most of the time won’t stay down. Is there a way to solve this problem until the leveler can be repaired?

A mechanical dock leveler issue, and usually it is on hold-down. To explain briefly, all mechanical levelers are powered by coiled springs and the hold-down part is the one acting to keep the leveler stored at the proper height if not in use. Other parts like paw springs, ratchet, or paws also help, but if they fail the leveler will stay in the up position or sometimes pop-up. This needs a replacement for the malfunctioning parts by qualified professionals in the loading dock business. For replacement of parts and accessories,

Our Orlando Fl loading dock equipment, is your One-Stop-Shop for commercial and loading dock equipment includes 24/7 parts and service.

• Full fleet of service and installation trucks

• Fully stocked warehouse



• Minimize Downtime

• Maximize Productivity

• Stocked Inventory

• Parts Availability


Question Number 2: The trailer drops whenever I go into it with a fork truck, why is this so?

It is a waste of time to get back out because the lip isn’t sitting flat. This happens with mechanical levelers, technically it is called a stump-out. The reason is they cannot float freely with the trailer, it needs to be pulled the below dock chain to move the cross-traffic legs. The suggestive option is replacement or upgrading of your mechanical leveler with either an air-powered leveler or hydraulic leveler, to save you precious time and hassles of getting back out.

Considering if the company is on tight on budget, check out below American Roll-Up Door Company’s Air-Powered Dock Levelers offering several advantages over other leveler options.

The Serco Air Power levelers have tough airbags that are designed for long term wear and tear.

• Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model

• Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB Question Number


3: Why does sometimes the lip won’t come out on our dock leveler?

If this happens, there are several issues preceded based on the leveler’s style. It is highly advisable to let a trained and certified technician check it out and repair the problem. Orlando Fl loading dock repair is the leading number one shop for commercial door and loading dock equipment in Orlando Fl.

We have a team of factory-trained and fully qualified service technicians – some with over 25 years of experience, a team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call.

• Team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians- some with 25+ years of experience

• Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call Question Number 4: My dock leveler is making a weird noise whenever I push the button, what is this? It is common for hydraulic levelers, with the hydraulic pump or the hydraulic oil, which is low.

If you are having an aFX air-powered leveler model, it is a motor issue. Serco’s line of hydraulic dock levelers offers a variety of economical and reliable options to keep your business running smoothly. Unlike a mechanical leveler, the hydraulic leveler is raised and lowered at the touch of a button. The hydraulic leveler also offers easy maintenance.

• Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ

• Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLR

• Serco Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Model

• Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HD

• Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HL

• Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HFC


Question Number 5: Whenever I pull the chain, the dock leveler won’t come up?

Another mechanical leveler issue. Technically, mechanical levelers function with working springs having proper tension to operate. The problem lies in either the springs are damaged, or it has low tensile strength. Recommendable to have it checked by certified technicians, they have the know-how in lifting the leveler properly and safely, avoiding hazards and accidents from happening in the loading areas. At American Roll-Up Door Co., we have all the options.

A mechanical dock leveler is the most economical option. Our Serco line of mechanical levelers offers both versatility and economy.

• Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WL

• Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WS

• Serco Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler


Most importantly and the best way to handle repairs and troubleshooting problems is to have a regular inspection visit - American Roll-Up’s planned maintenance program.


• Protect Your Investment

• Reduce Lifetime Ownership Costs

Our Orlando Fl loading dock service team of factory-trained and fully qualified service technicians will perform operational tests, evaluate levels for hydraulic systems and re-assess your dock levelers performance conditions by repairing small problems before they become facility disasters.

The planned maintenance program will safeguard and protect your loading dock equipment and machinery such as commercial doors, dock levelers & lifts, dock seals & shelters, safety equipment & truck restraints, and fans:

Commercial Doors

• Rolling Steel Doors / Roll Up Doors

• Hormann-Flexon and Dynaco High-Performance Doors


Dock Levelers & Lifts

• Mechanical Dock Levelers

• Hydraulic Dock Levelers

• Air Powered Dock Levelers

• Specialty Dock Levelers

• Loading Dock Options


 Dock and In-Plant Lifts Dock Seals & Shelters

• Dock Seals

• Dock Shelters

• Dock Seal Options



Safety Equipment & Truck Restraints

• Truck Restraints

• Safety & Lighting

• Impact Barriers

• Protective Systems

• Wheel Restraints




• Serco ATEC Fan


• C-Class Commercial Fan

American Roll-Up Door Co., has designed and conceptualized ideas to meet the need and frequency of your loading dock business. Let our team of technicians do on-site visits to determine what plan is best for the needs of your company and your budget. Our Service Areas Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL would be happy to accept your service requests or contact us through our website.

What Should Be The Frequency of Roll-up Door Maintenance in Tampa, Fl

A popular choice of most of the commercial and industrial facilities is the roll-up door. In Tampa, Florida, the roll-up door has advantages to the regular conduct of your business. The utilization of a roll-up door provides a spacious clearance area because they can be opened straight up. Aside from that, this door does not require a wide provision for the installation and standard operation.

Most of the roll-up doors are designed for continuous usage and to ensure its stability and functionality, it is best to benefit the conduct of scheduled preventive maintenance. This type of maintenance is carried out before any damage may take place.


What is Preventive Maintenance?

This is the conduct of a thorough checkup to identify any defect due to wear and tear and provide a prompt resolution to ensure the proper functionality of the equipment. The maintenance is undertaken to sustain the maximum capability of the door on top of its safety attribute. Preventive maintenance aims to keep the dock door in its best condition to sustain its optimal functionality.


What is the Importance of Regular Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is very important because of the following:

1. It boosts the door’s operational efficiency, safety, and reliability

2. It prolongs the lifespan of the door

3. It lubricates the mechanical parts and prevents the malfunctioning of the door

4. It reduces the frequency of in-depth repair and parts replacements The preventive maintenance is benchmarked on the usage demand of the roll-up door. The more the door is being used, it should have more frequent preventive maintenance.

Typically, preventive maintenance should be undertaken once every month especially if the door usage is on a higher degree. But if the level of door usage is slightly moderate to light, a preventive maintenance every three (3) or six (6) months may be recommended.

In Tampa, Florida, the most popular and trusted company that distributes roll-up door is American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ Corp. We distribute high-quality products from the various well-known companies and we offer a wide variety of loading dock products with commercial and industrial applications.


What are the Roll-Up Door Applications?

Roll-up doors are best for high traffic facilities such as the self-storage and commercial applications. American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ Corp offers several roll-up steel doors and they are as follow:

• Cornell ESD10 Service Door - are metal slatted doors that roll up to store in coil above the opening

• Cornell Rolling Fire Doors - are structural separations used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building

• Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 - are designed for exterior openings where maintaining different temperatures

• ASTA Commercial Sheet Door Series 200 - full hard steel roll-formed in the continuous corrugation. Rope pull or chain hoist operation.

• Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Door - high quality, polystyrene insulated steel sectional doors provide energy efficiency and reliable service under demanding conditions, making them ideal for use in municipal buildings

• Clopay 524 Sectional Door – it features a variety of standard ribbed, flush, and embossed patterns such as stucco and woodgrain.

• CHI 3250 Non-Insulated Ribbed Steel Door - have a variety of features to meet your design and performance requirements.

For your needs about Tampa Fl Roll-up Door Repair, Tampa Fl Roll Up Door Service, Tampa Fl Roll-up Door Sales, Tampa Fl Commercial Door Service, you may visit our official website to learn more.

For your queries, you may contact us at the following contact numbers:

• Jacksonville - (904) 695‐0950

• Orlando - (407) 857‐2427

• Tampa - (813) 643‐7000

You may contact us online through our page or you may send your service request. Our service areas are regularly open to serve you better at Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville FL Servicing All of Central Florida including Tampa, Kissimmee, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Doctor Phillips, and Sanford, FL.

Guides for Choosing Garage Doors in Orlando, Florida

Nearly every home has to be built with a garage for vehicle parking. A residential garage door is typically storage for cars, tools, and other odd things. On the other hand, to keep your personal properties safe and secured, you need to install the corresponding garage door, right? A garage is sometimes being utilized for other purposes such as but not limited to the provision of office space and guest room.

The installation of the complete set of garage increases the fair market value of your real property especially if it complements the architectural curb of your residential home. If you are in Orlando, Florida, your best option, if you opted to get hold of the high-quality and durable garage door, is the American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ Corp. We offer a wide array of products from parking garages to cold storage garages and retail stores. For the utmost and complete satisfaction of our customers, we also perform customized design garage doors to match the residential home's aesthetic design. To cater to the different, unique, and exquisite needs of our clients, we opted to carry a wider spectrum to give all our customers the freedom to choose what they want to beautify and add more security measures to their homes.

To this end, the following Overhead Door products are being offered to the public and they are as follow:

1. Overhead Door Courtyard Collection Garage Doors - it has a durable hot-dipped galvanized steel finish that generates a quiet operation;

2. Overhead Door Durafirm Collection Garage Doors – are bonded with strong and durable steel with a safety feature to protect the door from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays;

3. Overhead Door Impression Collection Garage Doors - has been magnificently engineered with a beautiful molded wood-grain fiberglass surface;

4. Overhead Door Ribbon V5 Collection Garage Doors - it has been designed to have an embossed wood looking feature with a durable finish;

5. Overhead Door Signature Carriage Collection Garage Doors - has distinctive craftsmanship that reflects a handmade artistry

6. Overhead Door Thermacore Insulated Steel Garage Doors - these doors have been designed to carry out a reliable functionality and operation that likewise ensures the feeling of comfort during hot or cold climate;

7. Overhead Door Traditional Steel Garage Doors - this embossed wood grain texture door has been assembled for a low-maintenance finish;

8. Overhead Door 521 Modern Aluminum Garage Door - this door is engineered to fit a larger opening range from 7976 mm width and 6121 mm in height;

9. Overhead Door Legacy 850 Residential Chain Driven Operator - this door has been manufactured to operate with variable speed and to effect a smooth operation that will result in less wear and tear on your garage door.

All the afore-mentioned doors are produced to provide the maximum functionality to the garage based on different parameters such as for what purpose and budgetary issue. But just the same, the company prioritizes the need of our clients and to this end, we only offer the professional and highly-skilled technicians to undertake the garage door assembly and installation for the value of our clients' money.

For your needs about residential garage doors, garage doors, overhead doors garage doors, residential garage doors Orlando FL, overhead doors garage doors Orlando FL, you may visit our official website to learn more. However, for your queries and other important concerns, you may contact us at the following telephone numbers: • Jacksonville - (904) 695-0950 • Orlando - (407) 857-2427 • Tampa - (813) 643-7000 You may even contact us online and you may also send your service request for a prompt response. Our dedicated coordinators await your call for us to provide you with our utmost service. You may consult our service centers from the different areas located at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL for a detailed consultation or garage door product appraisal.

How an Efficient Loading Dock System Keep the Supply Chain Moving in Jacksonville, FL?

The world is shocked by the sudden pandemic that affected all walks of life. Essential now is loading dock equipment, gates, doors such as garage doors, high performance, and roll-up are essential functions to buildings and facilities across the area of operation. The service and installation of these equipment are even more critical now as the nation deals with the COVID19 situation. Securing your warehouse starts at the loading dock. A secure loading dock protects your warehouse and expedites the flow of incoming and outgoing trailers. Necessary medical supplies and equipment as well as necessities such as food and hygiene kits are in demand and must be manufactured, purchased, and delivered.

Loading dock repair should be available in case the need arise since almost all businesses are closed due to Covid19. American Roll-Up Door Co. provides services to homes, food and beverage and grocery facilities, distribution facilities, medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, research and development facilities, police and fire departments, etc., all of which is essential for daily living and operations and require a team of technicians, support to remain professional and client-focused this time.

Protecting the supply chain at the loading dock:

• Proper installation of loading equipment

• Proper Planning, Coordination, Management, Maintenance, and Safe Operations to end-users loading dock and doors

• Protect trailer contents during unloading.

• Choose the right seal and shelter enclosure

• Ensure proper sequencing Here are the things to consider in maintaining the efficiency of your loading dock system:

• On-Time Service Your loading dock is an integral part of your business. In case your loading dock got damaged and needs an urgent replacement of parts or repair, American Roll Up Co being your one-stop-shop loading dock equipment includes 24/7 parts and service to make sure your operation will smoothly back to normal.

• Be Proactive Having no idea as to when this pandemic will end, you have to make preparations for the unknown future. Your loading dock equipment is indeed your ally in all your warehouse and business activities. Make sure that it is functional and see to it that your loading dock leveler, as well as your loading dock lifts, are all in excellent condition.

• Be Prepared Maintain secure and safe access for all individuals that operate within the facilities. Warehouse supplies must be moved and delivered without delay.

You should be on the lookout on any possible breakage or malfunctions; hence, you should have direct access to the services of a loading dock Houston TX company. Also, install loading dock safety equipment as a precaution to keep your dock facilities and employees protected. One of the most reliable suppliers of dock levelers and lifts in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa areas is American Roll Up Door Co. Our equipment and products are certified to meet the highest standards of safety and are designed to work efficiently under the toughest conditions such as extreme temperatures, heavy usage with high weight capacities, and exposure to corrosive substances. We sell, install, and service everything we provide – and do it better than most. Our mission is “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” and we live by it!

Maintain the Operation of loading docks and door systems, we offer:

• Parts and Service • OEM parts

How a Rolling Fire Resistant Door Stops Fire and Smoke in an Establishment in Orlando, FL

A rolling fire resistant door is sometimes used on exterior walls to meet code mandates but is most often employed to help compartmentalize a building by closing openings in firewalls, fire barriers, and smoke barrier walls. A fire door or shutter is designed to provide fire resistance matching the rating of the wall to which it is installed, allowing active systems, such as sprinklers, to suppress the compartmentalized fire event until firefighters arrive to take over the fight. A fire door may also be asked to mitigate the migration of smoke throughout the building, which is deadly to occupants and destructive to property. Commonly found on applications like concessions, cafeterias, and retail settings.

Whenever you are in Orlando, FL, and your commercial door interests on energy efficiency, fire protection, function ability, or aesthetic appearance, the professionals at American Roll-up Door Co. has the experience to match the right door with your commercial property needs. They provide the best quality rolling fire doors Orlando FL and surrounding areas. Below is one of their newest rolling fire-resistant door model- Cornell Rolling Fire Doors, ideally perfect for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail projects.

Cornell Rolling Fire Doors

Key Highlights:

• Curtain Fire Door model ERD10-Interlocking roll-formed slats of galvanized steel with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish in Gray, Tan, White or Brown.

• Curtain Fire Door model ERD20- Double skin interlocking roll-formed slats of galvanized steel, with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish in Gray, Tan, White or Brown filled with mineral wool insulation.

• Brackets: Steel with powder coating

• Hood: Galvanized steel with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish

• Guides: Structural steel with powder coating

• Factory Mutual: Approved

• UL Listed: ¾, 1 ½, 3 and 4 hours Fire Protection.

Call us today at Jacksonville - (904) 695‐0950, Orlando - (407) 857‐2427, and Tampa - (813) 643‐7000, or through our website at You can also make a Service Request at,or you can visit us personally at our Service Areas: Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door in Jacksonville, FL

Now let’s talk about garage doors and what you should look for in choosing a garage door in Jacksonville, Florida.

Types of garage doors:

• swinging out (also known as side hung)

• going up (also known as up and over, available in rolling or sectional configurations)

• sliding to the side (also known as side sliding) Key factors in choosing a garage door:

• Budget; how much can you afford, typically weighed against all the other factors below

• Security; how much protection from a would-be intruder do the doors offer and do you need

• Maintenance required; how much time and effort are you going to have to spend keeping your doors looking good and working well

• Insulation; how the doors should prevent heat from escaping from the garage – are you going to use it as a utility room or just for the car?

• Color: the range of colors will be affected by your choice of door type and the material it will be made from

In summary, your constraints when choosing garage doors include:

• The size of the opening to fit the doors

• The match to your front door

• Any planning constraints

• Space available to open the doors


Types of materials used for garage doors:

• Steel

• aluminum

• timber

• glass reinforced polyester or glass fiber.


Whatever the reason for purchasing a garage door, there are things to consider. The world of garage doors is full of different styles. Many automatic and electric garage doors offer unparalleled convenience, while some people prefer the no-thrills and durability of sectional garage doors. When you buy a garage door in Jacksonville FL you rarely think about the little extras. However, you may want to consider the other bits and pieces which make owning your garage doors more convenient, safer, and even the ways they can help reduce bills.

At American Roll-Up Door Company, a Division of DuraServ, we offer optional extras such as devices to operate all models of doors, and safety products to deter criminals. It can sometimes be more cost-effective to buy these extras at the same time – so it is better to consider these early. If you’re in the market for a garage door and need some more advice,

American Roll-Up Door Company is here to help. We have over 39 years of experience in selling and fitting garage doors and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what door will be the perfect fit for our customers, whether for residential or industrial environments. Fill in the service request form on the page. Get your questions answered or place an order today!

Why invest in an Industrial Fan and how can it benefit your business in Orlando, FL?

Storage is one of the considerations we need to consider when it comes to delivering the excellent quality of goods for our business. However, room temperature increases as the number of goods are stored, and thermal body heat of our manpower can increase the heat inside the warehouse or facility.

Imagine the loss of profit when your product has reached the spoilage before the expiration? Would you risk a headache over a loss of income?

When it comes to facility ventilation, the first thing that comes to our minds is an industrial fan installation, to introduce air circulation to the facility, and of course to avoid the spoilage of the goods.

We should also consider the quality and specifications of the industrial fans we are planning to install and to avoid installing a fan that does not meet our requirements, regardless of seasons all year round.

For colder seasons, we need industrial fans which can be run in reverse so as to contribute a good circulation of hot air that becomes trapped in the level of the ceiling. We need a multipurpose investment that covers both seasons so as to perform efficiently and enjoy a comfortable working environment to your facility.

Next, industrial fans must have an internal balance in the environment caused by floor jet. These floor jets create, appropriate to protect the integrity of the product to avoid loss of profit because the possibility of spoilage is low and the moisture of the area is reduced in the air, keeping the area dry and safe from molds.

Another, your industrial fan of choice must have the capability to increase volume and area of reach with its low-speed mechanism. Fans that are high volume low-speed fans make it totally a functional effect, and flexible fan.

Lastly, when it comes to technology-wise, an added feature of a touchscreen remote to feel the convenience and that offers convenient and easy logistics on the floor level.

These are just a few of the specifications you can get when you consider installing an industrial fan. To maximize the idea of having an industrial fan that can give you these benefits and more, Serco created their ATEC HVLS Fans.

Serco ATEC HVLS Fans have a five-blade design that optimizes the flow of air and increases the lift of the blade surface. It decreases 7- 11 degrees of perceived temperature. This introduced the idea of an industrial fan that adjusts to the temperature because of a 2- 3 mph breeze created by Serco.

Additionally, HVLS fans also decrease up to 4% energy consumption because it automatically regulates temperature from ceiling to floor. Getting many benefits can totally help your business return on investments, as well as savings because of the decrease in energy consumption.

So why settle for less if you have a Serco ATEC HVLS Fan in your area. Call American Roll-up Door Co. at JACKSONVILLE - (904) 695‐0950, ORLANDO - (407) 857‐2427 and TAMPA - (813) 643‐7000, or through our website at

You can make a service request at at our Industrial Fans Orlando, and Serco ATEC HVLS Orlando, or visit us personally at our Service Areas: Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

Top 6 Qualities / Features of a Cornell ESD10 Service Door that Suits for Industrial Operations in Jacksonville, FL

Service doors are indispensable both to the protection against a disaster as well as the security of your possessions inside your industrial and commercial establishment. They are popularly known as the overhead coiling doors or rolling steel doors with materials using metal slatted doors.

Industrial facilities are massively being established in Jacksonville, Florida and to ensure the safety of the facilities, a Cornell ESD10 Service Door is needed to fit the pertinent industrial operations.

This service door is made up of galvanized steel, aluminum and /or stainless steel. When you require an exterior and interior overhead door, which has the attribute of security, durability, and customizability, you may consider the assembly and installation of Cornell ESD10 Service Door. This door has been engineered to inherit the best qualities to a lower cost that suits your budget.

As a matter of fact, the installation of this service door provides a higher level of aesthetic appearance with the specifications that fit your existing architectural designs.

In essence, this service door incorporates the quality of security and insulation of an overhead rolling door that has been custom-built to comply with your exact need.

If you are in dire need to get hold of Cornell ESD10 Service Door, it is strongly recommended to avail of the products and services of American Roll-up Door Co.

American Roll-Up Door Company is a Division of DuraServ. We were established to provide a wide array of industrial and commercial doors as well as dock systems and services. We can extend everything your industrial facility needs.

Cornell ESD10 Service Door has the following qualities:

1. Customizable – we build a customized door to suit our clients' specifications and budget;

2. Space-saving – since our door is an overhead rolling steel door provides a wide free area as it opens in full to allow a huge working space without interference;

3. Long-lasting – this door has been designed to resist high impact collision and its durability could even withstand a hurricane rampage;

4. Reliable – this commercial-grade service door has been assembled with a lifetime no maintenance and repair attributes;

5. Maximum clearance – this service door may also serve areas with a limited overhead room as its coil is completely supported by the side rails;

6. Flexible – the door has been built based on the exact and customized specifications.

For your needs about Cornell ESD10 Service Door, commercial rolling steel doors, commercial doors, rolling steel doors, Cornell ESD10 Service Door Jacksonville FL, you may visit our official website to learn more at

For your orders, questions and concerns, you may contact us through the following telephone numbers:

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Our service centers are regularly open to serve you better at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

How Can a Dynaco Slimline Stainless Optimize Cleanrooms Operation in Tampa, FL?

Globally, as private business investors or government organizations invest in specialized industrial productions or scientific research are developing, advancing, and on the quest for knowledge and truth continues to grow through an objective and systematic method of finding a solution to a problem.

Similarly, American Roll-Up Door Company, a Division of DuraServ never stops in their quest to be “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” attitude. Undertaking every possible ways and means, as our company journey through the challenges of modern times, our learning never ceases to stop.

DuraServ, being the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, provide solutions for applications such as high volume warehousing & distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retails and other specialized applications like specialized industrial productions or research facilities.

Research facilities advanced and improved through time with modern technology, and also as more specialized requirements grew. And so does DuraServ, keeping up with industry’s latest trends and updates, thus offers its latest models specifically designed and engineered for cleanrooms - Dynaco Slimline Stainless.

Dynaco Slimline Stainless

Dynaco Slimline Stainless are high-performance doors and flexible quality commercial doors ensuring a tight seal for clean rooms, keeping pressure levels at a stable rate and protecting against contaminants. It provides an airlock system that correct pressure differentials and pressure resistance to separate inside and out environments. Highly suitable for applications like scientific researches, pharmaceutical manufacturing, integrated circuits, CRT, LCD, OLED, and microLED displays, where extremely low levels of particulates, such as vaporized particles, dust, or airborne organisms are extremely high priorities.


The Dynaco Slimline Stainless has patented side guides and full-perimeter door seal design. It has an air-tight seal as protection against contaminants and airborne particles. These high-performance doors correct pressure differentials and the PVC door current is pressure resistant.


Due to the design of Dynaco high-speed doors and air-tight features, operations are fast and efficient. Hence, energy is conserved, the climate is controlled, and the cost is minimized.

Fast and quiet

With a rapid door cycle of up to 1,2 m/s open speed and 0,5 m/s close speed, the open time is kept to the minimum. This practically eliminates door downtime, minimizing airborne pathogens from infiltrating. The low-friction guides ensure silent operation.

Totally Safe

Dynaco Slimline Stainless has no rigid curtain elements that could cause damage to equipment and employees.

Dynaco Slimline Stainless is one of the latest high-performance commercial doors of American Roll-up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ, has been in the business in Central and Northern Florida since 1981. Whatever is your consideration in choosing for your commercial doors - energy-efficiency, functionality, or disaster-proof or aesthetically pleasing, we have it.

For questions and orders on our Dynaco Slimline Stainless Tampa, FL and high-performance doors Tampa FL, call the following: Jacksonville (904) 695‐0950, Orlando(407) 857‐2427, or Tampa(813) 643‐7000, or through our website at

You can make a Service Request at, or you may visit us personally at Service Areas at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, FL.

Why Choose an Overhead Door Impression Collection Garage Door To Be Installed in Your Residential Home in Jacksonville, FL

Your residential home garage door is significant to ensure the safety of your possessions including your car and other personal properties.

Homeowners utilize the garage as their storage area and the installation of the garage is vital for an easy access.

On top of the afore-mentioned qualities of the garage door, it likewise add a higher value to the real property as it increases the aesthetic appearance of the residential home. To this effect, homeowners are opting to install different kinds of garage doors with the wood or metal materials. Some other preferred to have a high-impact garage door to withstand the rampage of hurricane and other kinds of catastrophes and ignoring the significance of a good-looking garage door with a modern design architectural appearance.

However, an ordinary garage door creates some issues such as but not limited to the production of an annoying noise due to the use of non-standard accessories like joints and hinges. This kind of garage door is cheap but it will be costly in a longer term because you will need to undertake a regular schedule of maintenance and repair just to sustain its regular functionality.

On the other hand, few of the homeowners still stick to the traditional way and have their garage door made up of wood materials. The use of wood is not healthy because when it absorbs water, it produces molds and spores due to the presence of the moisture that will result to a mild to severe respiratory disorder to homeowners and their families.

On the contrary, steel garage door has a lighter material that produces an efficient functionality than a wood garage door and this is the chief reason why it is easier to maintain compared to the wood garage door.

Issues are always been raised, which is more durable and good-looking, the wood or steel garage door. However, with the production of the Overhead Door Impression Collection Garage Doors, the combination of both the wood and steel materials have been incorporated to create an astonishing and beautiful garage door that offers the durable and high-quality attributes complemented by its inherent aesthetic appearance.

American Roll-up Door Co., a division of DuraServ made these kind of doors in the market for the advantage of the residential homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida. We carry popular brands of doors and dock equipment to keep our clients updated for their complete satisfaction.

For your needs about overhead door impression collection garage door, impression collection garage door, garage door, impression collection garage door Jacksonville FL, and residential garage door Jacksonville FL, you may visit our official website to learn more about the afore-cited door at

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Adversely, the high-end garage door will still hold no value if the corresponding installation is not fix accurately.

To this end, it is strongly advised to get hold of the products and services of the American Roll-up Door Co., a division of DuraServ for your utmost satisfaction.

To serve you better, our service centers in various areas are regularly open to provide an utmost assistance to Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

How a Cornell Rolling Fire Door Protects Business Facilities When a Fire Incident Happened in Tampa, FL

The fire incidence in Tampa, Florida is inevitable. This is the reason why commercial and industrial facilities should install fire protection equipment to save properties and human lives.

One of the most important sets of equipment to be installed is the Cornell Rolling Fire Door to protect your business facilities because it is a roll-up fire door that has been engineered to prevent the spread of fire and smoke as it offers barrier protection of up to .45 minutes to 4 hours.

The roll-up fire door is designed to easily fit most door size specifications including but not limited to those with the upward coiling overhead barrel storage system. Our advanced fire door systems provide the utmost industry-leading, intelligent operation. To affect it activates thermally or electrically on its own to contain the fire and smoke spread. In addition, it even reset or auto-open after the occurrence of the fire or power outrage.

A wide array of gage sizes are tailored to choose from along with material choices of steel or aluminum. These options are dependent on your business needs and county or State fire regulations. The versatility of roll-up fire doors offers Tampa, FL businesses a high-quality and fire resistant product that is capable to save lives of the people working within the commercial or industrial facilities.

If you are opting to have this particular door installed to your facilities, you may avail of the products and services of the American Roll-Up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ. We provide the best quality commercial doors to the business establishments Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas. With our years of experience and honed skills complemented by our advanced knowledge, we can help secure your interest against fire may it be with the other attributes such as energy efficiency or aesthetic appearance.

American Roll-Up Door Company, a Division of DuraServ provides commercial doors to Tampa, Fl the high-end products from Cornell, Clopay, and CHI and with companies like Serco, Kelly, and TKO. Our products have various applications that range from parking garages to cold storage to retail stores.

Let our well-trained technicians carry out the complicated installation process for a worry-free engagement on your part. The delivery of our products and services will surely provide complete and utmost satisfaction to our clients.

For your needs about Cornell rolling fire door, commercial rolling steel doors, rolling steel doors, Cornell rolling fire door Jacksonville FL, Cornell rolling fire door Orlando FL, and Cornell rolling fire door Tampa FL, you may visit our official product webpage to learn more at

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For your queries and other concerns, you may also send us an email via our webpage at or you may send us your service request through this page

We have our courteous coordinators to respond to your concerns in a prompt manner.

What is a Hydraulic Dock Leveler and Its Design Highlights for Business Operation in Orlando, FL?

You want to spend less time in preparing for the loading and unloading of goods when the dock starts to get busy. And because of that, a hydraulic dock leveler is one of the choices that can help you cut down on that time. The Serco line of hydraulic dock levelers gives various economical and reliable choices to keep your business running smoothly. The hydraulic leveler is raised and lowered at the touch button unlike the mechanical leveler. It is also easy in maintenance. The Serco hydraulic dock leveler is a leader in the industry when it comes to hydraulically operated dock levelers and are known for its strength and durability.

A hydraulic dock leveler is created for both structural integrity when it comes to operation and safety features for the personnel’s protection. Hydraulic dock levelers are push-button activated. It maximizes raise and lip extension functions to full power with the use of hydraulic cylinders. It also has available multi-unit hydraulic pump and motor stations.

This dock leveler is easy to operate and is the lowest maintenance available. When it comes to safety, it is one of the loading dock choices because these levelers contain an in-line velocity fuse to avoid free fall in a truck pull-out station.

Its main function is to give safe and durable bridge between the building and the trailer. The bridge allows safe transportation of material in loading docks and for the safety of the workers.

Below are the design highlights for its business operations:

-> SafeTFrame Design – adds more steel and structural strength to the rear frame of the dock leveler and permits the dock leveler to be leveled in the pit without using steel shims which can change over time.

-> Patented HydraMax powered-in/powered-out lip extension mechanism – uses a double acting cylinder to give a smooth activation to the powered lip extension.

-> Regenerative Hydraulics – this is used to level up the out-stroke speed of piston of a cylinder that acts double. The fluid from the rod end of the cylinder regrows with the flow of the pump. The fluid being supplied to the blind end of the cylinder is greater than the pump flow rate because of its volume.

-> Yielded Hydraulic lip – make use of an “in line” pressure relief valve, maintains the lip in an extended position and the deck lowers with the lip extended position once a vehicle departs.

-> Non-Metallic Push-button Control Panel (Non-Interlock Capable) – a switch mechanism to control some features of a machine or a process.

-> Models can be provided with an emergency stop button or mushroom-style stop button which terminates the movement of the leveler at any point during the cycle.

-> Hydraulic Velocity Fuse Safety Stop – this is one of the design highlights that avoids the unexpected stop of hydraulic fluid pressure. Designed to allow systems to continue or at least not fail in times of a system breach. A 16” lip standard is also available as one of its design highlights.

Looking for a hydraulic dock leveler wherein its design highlights are excellent, full of quality and getting ready to build? At American Roll Up Door, a division of Duraserv, our team helps in designing and giving efficient and safe hydraulic dock leveler to ensure your industry runs smoothly. If you want to maintain your dock leveler, contact us in our service areas phone number. Jacksonville: (904) 695‐0950 | Orlando: (407) 857‐2427 | Tampa: (813) 643‐7000 or visit our websites:

Why Choose Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 for the Climate Controlled Distribution Industry in Orlando, FL

Florida is known for its tropical climate. The rainy season takes place only from May to October that includes heavy rainfall and occasional tropical hurricanes and thunderstorms.

This climate is conducive to the establishment of small businesses, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other establishments. That is why the warehouse and manufacturing industry is progressing in Tampa, Florida.

But in some instances, the rampage of cyclones could damage these facilities. One of the most crucial parts of the facility that is vital to be protected is the door because it serves as the passage for the delivery and storage of the goods. When the door of a warehouse facility gets stock, the business operation will adversely be jeopardized. Even if the damage is not a total wreck but the rolling doors will somehow manifest problems like slow rolling up or down of the door and it even creates annoying noise.

Maintenance of the equipment to this end is highly required for an additional overhead cost for the management. To this end, when maintenance is not undertaken regularly, timely repair is needed.

The assembly of Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 is timely because it is engineered for exterior openings as it maintains different temperatures. This special attribute is called the environmental separation and it promotes energy efficiency to the full perimeter and it reduces the transmission sound as compared to a non-insulated rolling door.

As a matter of fact, it has the best inherent qualities such as:

1. The benefits and advantages of a rolling door;

2. It has a climate control feature as it seals the full perimeter of the door using its advanced full perimeter seal. Its insulated curtains provide an impressive reduction of air infiltration and thermal transference;

3. It tight security attribute as it features two layers of metal with foam in between that produces a stronger and more secure door;

4. It has a sound reduction feature with a rating of 30 for the curtain and 22 for the entire assembly Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating.

The door is designed to be utilized for longer operation with up to 20 cycles per day rate and with an estimate 50,000 cycles for its lifetime operation.

To this effect, we can provide you with this efficient door for your facility if your need requires more than 20 cycles per day, or 50,000 cycles lifetime.

The above features are the main reason why you need to choose Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20.

If you are in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida, you may avail of our products and services of American Roll-up Door Co. through our official website at

We provide the best quality commercial doors to the areas of Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville and the surrounding areas as well. Whether your commercial door interests require an energy-efficient, fireproof, and with a more sophisticated function ability, or aesthetic appearance, our professional and highly skilled technicians will be able to proficiently install the rolling doors to your facility in a worry-free manner.

For your queries and other concerns, you may contact us through the following telephone numbers:

Jacksonville - (904) 695‐0950

Orlando - (407) 857‐2427

Tampa - (813) 643‐7000

You may also contact us via email using this webpage at . For your service request, you may send it through

Our service areas are open to serve you better at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

How to Improve Employee Safety While Working in Your Loading Dock Facilities in Tampa, Florida

Loading docks are one of the most dangerous and disregarded points in many facilities. It won’t be a problem if you have the right loading dock safety tips. Loading docks are the center of action for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. They can be exterior or fully enclosed in a receiving bay.

Some people don’t realize how serious and risky the elements that are existing at your loading dock. There is always a big potential for workers to get injured or foods that will be damaged if they are not addressed properly.

The right and safety equipment and solutions will make sure that the safety of workers and products will be alike. When this happens, the loading and unloading processes will be smooth and it can increase the productivity and energy efficiency together with safety.

This article will cover the loading dock safety tips you will need for a sleek operation.


Evaluate the risks

Not all workers know when trucks are going to arrive or leaving. This can be dangerous for drivers especially if you are operating a forklift.

Some workers fall off docks. They are vulnerable where trucks move in and can injury them. Drivers cannot see well behind the truck they are driving.

You may begin by ensuring and complying official safety requirements


Keep one going

Most loading dock levelers all act as bridges between the loading dock and the trailer. They help ensure smooth operations. 


Truck Restraints

A truck restraint is loading safety equipment installed at loading docks that are intended to avoid a transport vehicle from leaving the dock during the loading and unloading process.


Safety and Lighting

Red and green communication signal lights are a common feature of most factories and warehouses. A red light means the truck must remain until further notice while the green light means the operator’s trailer is ready to load. The safety and lighting signaling has become a familiar fixture at warehouses. 


Impact Barriers

Impact barriers can be placed around pallet racking or machinery to ensure the safety of the workers from accidents and collisions. Impact barriers can also be used on mezzanine floors, staircases or other areas risky to dangers.


Wheel restraints

Wheel restraints are wedges that are made up of sturdy materials that are placed closely against a vehicle’s wheel to avoid an accident. They mostly placed on brakes. A rope may be tied to the restraint. Most commonly, wheel restraints can be seen on aircraft and train cars.

American Roll Up Door Co. offers products that are equipped to protect employees from being harmed and injured by big machinery. Our loading dock safety equipment help automates the loading and unloading process making your loading dock safer and more efficient. We provide safety products such as protective systems that engage properly in the Orlando (407) 857-2427 | Tampa (813) 643-7000 | Jacksonville (904) 695-0950 areas. If you are looking for safety equipment for your loading dock with quality products, call American Roll-Up Door company today! Or visit our website at for a service request.

Amazing Features and Benefits of Serco ATEC Fan for Businesses in Orlando, FL

American Roll-Up Door Co. has researched the most efficient and durable design for your business needs. The Serco ATEC HVLS Fan has the following key highlight designs and specifications:


-Large air current force with a horizontal floor jet of 3-9 ft (1-3m) and a fan diameter of 8 to 24 ft. or 2.4 to 7.3 m.

-Motor size from 1 HP to 2 HP


-Patent-pending five-blade design to increase air movement by creating more lift and less stress to your building, patent-pending designed aerodynamic blade winglets made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

-NACA aerodynamic airfoil blades with forward and reverse functions

-HVLS ceiling fans can operate in reverse to circulate hotter air confined at the ceiling area during the colder months.

-Corrosion-resistant anodized blades

-Patent-pending Blade-Lock Safety System™ with guy wires and safety cable Controls -Floor-level diagnostics through the remote digital touch screen -Control panel to adjust speed and forward or reverse direction with self-diagnostics -Fire suppression panels and iFAN® centralized control


With such a design you are sure to enjoy the following benefits:

Cool and Comfortable Working Environment. The temperature will drop up to 11 degrees with the 2-3 mph breeze. Floors are also drier and safer as floor condensation is minimized. Air quality is greatly improved by dispersing the fumes.

Energy Savings. Up to 4% savings per decreased temperature could be enjoyed because the Serco fans help regulate the temperature and you will be able to raise the room’s thermostat setting up to five degrees.

Preserve Product Integrity. On hot seasons, Serco fans effectively circulate air that helps maintain the freshness and dryness of the produce. On cold seasons, the fans prevent spoilage through the destratification of air.

Contribution to LEED Certification. Contributed to energy efficiency and atmosphere, indoor environmental air quality, innovation, and design categories.

For more inquiries on Serco ATEC fan Orlando FL, Serco ATEC fan Jacksonville FL, Serco ATEC fan Tampa FL, call the following: JACKSONVILLE - (904) 695‐0950, ORLANDO - (407) 857‐2427, and TAMPA - (813) 643‐7000. Check out our website at,or you can make a Service request at

Reliable High-Speed Doors Parts and Service by American Roll-Up Door Co in Jacksonville, FL

Manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing facilities are in dire need for the installation of high quality, robust yet elegant doors. High quality and robust attributes can provide burden-free years to the management as not to interrupt their operation. The installation of a customized and exquisite looking door is likewise important as it adds value to the aesthetic appearance of the facilities especially if it is designed to match their architectural curves.

Several door companies offer elegant doors but they usually use substandard material during the assembly. With this concept, the door and its accessories will not really last that long and that will require costly maintenance and repair.

Of course, to mention a few, few companies integrate both the strength and good appearance to their products but they offer them for the expensive price range. Aside from that, their door assembly is not engineered for high-speed roll-up operations due to its non-hydraulic quality. Unluckily, these doors are not equipped with the hard-wearing pivot points, which make them very easy to break.

To this end, high quality, durableness and speed roll-up attributes should seriously be considered during the stage of conceptualization and planning to ensure that the product to be availed is the best solution to the facility’s problem to include the functionality, security, aesthetics, and budget.

If you are in Jacksonville, FL and in dire need to get hold of the high speed roll-up and quality commercial or dock doors and their corresponding parts and services, it is highly recommended to avail the products and services of American Roll-up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ. We provide the best products and services about doors, docks and dock accessories to ensure that your facility’s entrance will run smoothly and efficiently. As a matter of fact, we only offer high quality, durable, noise-free and high-speed roll-up commercial and dock doors.

With our trained and knowledgeable technicians, we install the doors professionally to meet your requirements and demand with your utmost service satisfaction.

For your needs about high speed doors, high performance commercial doors, high speed doors parts, high speed doors service, high speed doors Jacksonville FL, high speed doors parts Jacksonville FL, and high speed doors service Jacksonville FL, you may visit our official website to learn more about the complete details at

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You may also send your questions and orders in our contact us page at and your service request may likewise be promptly facilitated through

Our dedicated coordinator will wait for your call to serve and provide you with the best options for your complete satisfaction and for the value of your money.

Dynaco Streamline Door Best for Manufacturing, Production Areas and Distribution Industry in Tampa, FL

Dynaco the Streamline door has an electronic attribute that is being powered by a sensor, which facilitates the efficient door closing and opening features. This prompt response of the door effected by the sensor promotes safety to both the vehicles and workers as it detects the presence of any objects that automatically keep the door open as not to harm any obstruction may it be a person, goods or vehicle.

A wireless detection sensor system has been integrated into the bottom portion of the door together with the receiver and control box. The open-loop principle has been adopted by the system that when an obstacle is being encountered, the transmitter promptly sends a signal to open the door. This will be one of your most proficient decisions to be made to proficiently provide the best products for the utmost satisfaction.

But when nothing seems to obstruct the door frame, it automatically closes to regulate the temperature inside the facility. This attribute has been designed to provide a cost-effective system to combat the high energy cost of the electricity.

For your needs about Dynaco streamline, streamline door, high performance door, high-speed door, Dynaco streamline Tampa FL, Dynaco streamline Jacksonville FL, and Dynaco streamline Orlando FL, you may visit our official website to learn more at You may likewise give us a call at the following telephone numbers for your queries:

• JACKSONVILLE - (904) 695‐0950

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• TAMPA - (813) 643‐7000

Moreover, you may reach us via our webpage at and you may send your service request through this page Our service areas are regularly open for business to provide you with the utmost client satisfaction at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to serve you better.

Cornell ESD10 Rolling Service Door for Interior Openings in Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Buildings in Jacksonville, FL

Rolling Service Doors or Rolling Steel Doors are metal slatted doors that coil up to the store above the entrance. The metal strips make up a curtain that is supported by top and bottom metal bars. The strips and springs on the sides of the rolling door enable it to smoothly move up and down. Close to the door's top is a barrel-shaped device to allow the curtain to coil around it when it is opened.

In choosing a rolling steel door, get the Cornell ESD10 Rolling Service Door from American Roll-Up Door Co. Here are the qualities of Cornell rolling service door:

Space Saving. To reduce the use of interior space and reduce interference, our doors are designed to roll upward and store in a tight coil above the opening. This also causes maximum clearance at the entrance.

Long-Lasting: Our doors are built with heavy-duty materials that could withstand strong winds. It could operate up to 20 cycles per day (up to 50,000 cycles in a lifetime). It is life long and needs little to no maintenance.

Secured. The durability and strength of our doors will make sure your establishments are safe.

Customizable. We custom-build our doors to perfectly fit your opening size, operation, and design according to your liking. Contact our experienced Architectural Design Support Team to aid in customizing our products to fit your specific application.

American Roll-Up Door Co. has the experience of providing the highest quality commercial doors to Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Our experts have designed doors that are not only aesthetically presentable but also energy efficient, fire protected, functional and durable. We are efficient in building your doors suitable for your needs and preferences.

For questions and orders on the rolling service door Jacksonville FL, rolling service door Orlando FL, rolling service door Tampa FL, call American Roll-Up Door Co. on the following numbers: JACKSONVILLE - (904) 695‐0950, ORLANDO - (407) 857‐2427, and TAMPA - (813) 643‐7000.

For other details, visit our website at You may make your service request through Feel free to visit us at our showroom and service areas in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Door is Ideal for Municipal Buildings, Warehouse and Shipping Dock Applications in Lake City, Florida

With the fast ever-changing market in the loading dock industry, American Roll-up Door Co. has been growing and perfecting all aspects of the loading dock business. Ever thankful to provide commercial doors from Cornell, Clopay, and CHI. With companies like Serco, Kelly, and TKO, American Roll-Up Co. can provide everything with your dock needs. Totally, our products have a variety of applications such as high volume distribution and warehousing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, refrigeration, and cold storage and others.


American Roll-up Door Co., a division of Duraserv, has been in the loading dock industry since 1981 and has been committed “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” and living by it ever since. With its commitment, American Roll-up Door Co. offers its model Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Door, energy series steel doors are insulated with polystyrene that makes energy saving possible. This type of overhead sectional door matches door application for distribution centers, municipal buildings, and shipping docks:


Energy Efficient

Clopay 3200 door is designed with insulated sandwich construction composed of interior and exterior steel skins pressure sealed to an environmentally-safe polystyrene core, prevents heat loss through the walls and can control the separate environments, thus saving more from heating bills. Engineered to have an insulating R-Value of 9.1, and with tongue and groove section joint for exceptional strength and thermal sealing, makes it ideal for warehouse and shipping docks where refrigeration and cold storage environment processes are highly critical.

Warmer Environment

Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Door or Clopay 3200 door prevents the outside weather getting into the facility. The extra heat saved from insulation can make a comfortable working environment for your workers, which will protect your worker’s health welfare at the same time improve productivity.

More Secured and Durable

Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Doors are high-quality doors for commercial and industrial facilities and can offer the security and durability of a full 24 gauge, heavy-duty exterior steel skin in an energy efficient door system. With hot-dipped galvanized steel on all its hinges and brackets, together with its wind loading compliant features, gives additional safeguarding of your facility as well as more warmth comfort, and protection from weather elements.

Stylish Aesthetic Designs and Low Maintenance

Clopay 3200 doors are not only just functionality designed, but it's exterior and interior steel skins prefinished create stylish centerpieces that can define your business. With a one full mil 3-coat process of a baked-on polyester topcoat over primer on a phosphate coating, has color options can offer such as white or brown exterior, and white interior. Additionally, the attractive flush stucco embossed steel exterior with light ribbed pattern makes it ideal for aesthetic designs of municipal buildings and commercial door establishments.


Moreover, the panels are pre-painted inside and out to prevent rust. Has a ten (10) year warranty against rust-through, which makes it virtually maintenance free, because of Clopay's three-stage rustproofing and pre-painting processes, thus saving on cost and maintenance for long period of time.


American Roll-up Door Co., a division of Duraserv, is committed “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market”, specifically in the loading dock business.


Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Doors


High performance and quality polystyrene insulated steel sectional doors provide energy efficiency with insulation features, making them best for use in municipal buildings, warehouses, and shipping dock applications, or wherever energy efficiency and value and is essential.


Technical Specifications:

-Doors Type: Insulated Steel Sectional Overhead Steel

-Insulated Thermally Broken

    Construction: Sections-2" thick

-Standard Door (Maximum): Size 26'2", Wide x 18'0" High

-Sectional U-value .11, R-value 9.1

  Thermal Break (Steel Skins with Silicone Filling)

-Sections: 2" thick Sandwich Construction (Exterior and Interior Steel Skins)

-Wind Loading: ANSI/DASMA 108 compliant Warranty: 10 years (Rust/ Delamination); 1 year(Material/Workmanship)

Window Options:

-24" x 8"; 28" x 14" or 40" x 14" window lite of cellular PVC frame construction

-glazing is 1/8" DSB, 1/8" Plexiglass or 3/4" Insulated glass

-full vision 1/8" DSB; 1/8" Plexiglass; 1/2" Insulated; 1/2" Tempered Insulated

-1/4" Wire glass or 1/4" Tempered


Make a service request now at,and inquire about our Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Doors, your best insulated sectional door in Jacksonville, Florida. Our area service technicians would be happy to help with your queries at Clopay insulated sectional door, Jacksonville FL, Clopay insulated sectional door Orlando FL, and Clopay insulated sectional door Tampa FL.


You can also call American Roll-up Door Co. at their service area offices namely: JACKSONVILLE - (904) 695‐0950, ORLANDO - (407) 857‐2427, and TAMPA - (813) 643‐7000, or directly contact at their website at Please visit personally also our service area offices at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

Three Types of Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Offered by American Roll-Up Door Co in Sarasota, Florida

The loading dock zone is an integral part of an industrial building where the exchange of products occurs. Efficient flow of products in commercial or industrial facilities like warehouses or manufacturing is crucial to maximizing productivity which is one of the main goals of a business. That is why all parts of a loading dock system must function accordingly. Every factor must be carefully considered to make sure that your loading dock system works according to the needs of your business.


One of the most critical parts of a loading dock system is the loading dock leveler which acts as a bridge across a small gap between the loading dock floor and the truck or trailer floor to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. The design and specifications of a dock leveler must be carefully decided upon to have a safe and efficient transfer of products from an area to another. You must take into account the weight capacity of the dock leveler knowing that it has to support a considerable amount of weight, that of the material handling equipment such as a forklift or an industrial cart and the load it needs to transfer.


There are different types of dock levelers available in the market, and your choice must be dependent on the applications of your business. American Roll-Up Door Co in Tampa, Florida offers a wide variety of dock levelers including three types of Serco mechanical dock levelers namely Serco mechanical dock leveler Model WL, Serco mechanical dock leveler Model WS, Serco mechanical Edge Dock Leveler. Of the various types of dock levelers, the mechanical dock levelers are the easier ones to operate. Their leading advantage to other types of more advanced dock levelers is that they do not incur energy costs. Mechanical dock levelers by Serco are tried and tested for durability and reliability. The three types of Serco Mechanical dock levelers offered by American Roll-Up Door Co. are all high quality, versatile and durable equipment which can match varied types of applications. Model WL differs from Model WS mainly in standard capacity but delivers the same performance. The Edge Dock Leveler, on the other hand, is structurally different from the first two. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to operate and requires less lifting force. American Roll-Up Door Co offers Serco mechanical dock levelers not only in Tampa but also in neighboring areas as Jacksonville and Orlando.


If you need assistance in choosing which model of mechanical dock leveler would suit your business, you may visit the website at or talk to a local customer representative near your area at these numbers: JACKSONVILLE - (904) 695‐0950, ORLANDO - (407) 857‐2427, TAMPA - (813) 643‐7000. If you need service for your equipment after-sales or you need repairs/upgrades on your existing equipment, fill out a service request form at A team of factory-trained service technicians is available 24/7 to lend you their expertise in keeping a safe and efficient working loading dock system.

Cornell Thermiser® Insulated Rolling Door for Climate Control Facilities of Distribution, Industrial, and Retail in Jacksonville, FL

Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Doors help maintain differing temperatures at both sides of the door allowing you to maintain the climate control within your warehouse or building. Thus, this type of insulated rolling door is preferred over the others for use in environments which need climate control, durability and security in areas of distribution, hospitality, retail, industry and a lot more. In addition, it requires little to no maintenance and keeps noise in and out thus, reducing sound transmission.

Usage: The doors are constructed for use daily and can stand operation of up to 20 cycles a day which makes it 50, 000 cycles for the doors' lifetime. Operators: The doors can open by chain, motor, hand, push-up operation, depending on weight, size or frequency of operation.

Model MG: A medium-duty operator for doors that will cycle no more than 20 cycles per day. The operator shall be equipped with an emergency manual chain hoist assembly that safely cuts operator power when engaged.

Model SG: A heavy-duty operator for larger doors or doors which cycle more than 20 cycles a day. When equipped, the emergency manual chain hoist assembly is automatically disengaged when the motor is energized.

It is important to note that chain operated doors shall be designed so that the door immediately stops upward or downward travel and is maintained in a stationary position when the hand chain is released by the user. Materials and Finishes:

Brackets: Made of steel with powder coating to match curtain • Counter-Balance Shaft: made of steel that supports curtain and contains torsion springs to assist in the operation

• Hood: made of galvanized steel with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish to match curtain and provides weather resistance at the head of the door • Curtain: made of galvanized steel with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish in gray, white, tan or brown shades. Its slat has an R-value of 8.0 as calculated

• Guides: made of structural steel with powder coating to match curtain which supports the weight of the door

• Bottom Bar: made of extruded aluminum supplied in mill finish if the width is less than 24 inches 5 centimeters; made of steel with powder coating to match curtain if the width is greater than 24 inches 5 centimeters

• It’s Availability: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

• It’s Available Slats: Standard Slats, Perforated Slats, Customized Slats

For all your commercial rolling steel doors needs, kindly contact us at the following areas nearest you in Jacksonville: (904) 695-0950, Orlando: (407) 857-2427, and Tampa: (813) 643-7000, we are most ready to answer your inquiries about Insulated Rolling Door Florida, Insulated Rolling Door Jacksonville FL, Insulated Rolling Door Orlando FL, Insulated Rolling Door Tampa FL.

Our professionally trained Architectural Design Support Team is always ready to assist you in customizing your products to suit your required application.

Please contact us at, or you can make a service request at Please visit personally our service areas in North Florida (St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Lake City); Central Florida (Orlando, Kissimmee, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Doctor Phillips, Sanford) and Greater Tampa Bay Area (Lakeland, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, St. Petersburg), or thru our website at

Advantages of Overhead Door Durafirm Collection Garage Doors

The overhead door Durafirm Collection Garage Door is one of the most chosen designs for building overhead doors for homes and residential areas because of the advantages it offers. Known to have incredible strength, best in sound absorption and excellent energy efficiency, the overhead door Durafirm Collection Garage Door serves its purpose of securing your property such as your car as well as ensuring your personal safety.

The materials used for this particular garage doors are bonded steel, polyurethane, and vinyl, which makes them firm and durable. Strength of the Durafirm Collection Garage Door can be attributed to the 22-gauge steel C channels that run the full length of each panel and anchored to interior steel stiles. Vinyl in your garage door protects it from rust and dents. The Durafirm Collection Garage Door also has UV-resistant resin which contains special polymers that protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays. You can customize the garage door that you want for your home by choosing your door panel type and color.

Panel types and the varied colors may be viewed from the brochure. Panels are deep raised with a rich wood grain texture creating a timeless look of freshly-painted hardwood. You may also choose a window style for your garage door from the brochure, which you think is apt for your house design. You can choose your glass window to be clear, frosted, or obscure, insulated or non-insulated, depending on your need for more privacy or protection from outside elements. You may also have your glass window etched for a more aesthetic feel. Last but not the least of the significant advantages of installing a Durafirm Collection Garage Door is a 15-year limited warranty which you can avail upon request.

If your home is near any of these service areas of American Roll-up Door Company, you may contact these numbers for these areas: Jacksonville (904) 695‐0950, Orlando (407) 857‐2427 and Tampa (813) 643‐7000. For service request, you may visit this website: to indicate specifics of the service you want to avail for your home. Lastly, you may refer to the brochure for more information on the Durafirm Collection Garage Door you plan to customize and install for your garage.

What to Expect with American Roll-Up Door Co. Serco ATEC Fan


For significantly larger areas such as warehouses, sporting facilities, open-concept offices, and other high-ceiling locations, proper ventilation is a priority. Like any standard engine, traditional fans are bulky and use geared motors, thereby requiring costly maintenance while not providing enough ventilation, particularly for industrial spaces. Managing costs, while providing enough air performance, can be a challenge if you are not able to find the right solution.


Fortunately for folks in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa areas, the Serco ATEC Fan is available to provide you with the right energy-saving, cost-efficient ventilation that you need. Since 1958, Serco products are engineered to be the finest ventilation solutions in the industry. With today's global found on energy efficiency, Serco is directing its resources to enhance the efficient movement of air through industrial and commercial facilities with our VELOCITY™ High-Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans.


The Serco Advanced Technology for Environmental Control HVLS fans has patented airfoils (blades) that produce a huge cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions. The Serco ATEC HVLS Fan delivers the following benefits:


•Keeps employees cool and comfortable.

The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption. Working with the HVAC system, Serco fans help regulate temperature from ceiling to floor, which can allow a facility to raise its thermostat setting 3 – 5 degrees. This creates a potential energy savings of up to 4% per degree change.


•Protect product integrity.

Air circulation helps keep food and produce dry and fresh, reducing the potential for decay or spoilage – Air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots and condensation – Serco fans are also designed to operate in reverse, which helps de-stratify air in cool season operation.


•Improve working conditions.

Floor condensation is minimized, keeping floors drier and safer for foot and motorized traffic.


•Improves indoor air quality through the dispersing of fumes.

Serco ATEC HVLS Fans can be operated from a centralized location using Serco iFAN network controls (sold separately), allowing a facility to monitor fan activity and performance efficiently.


Kelley ATEC HVLS Fans work hard to circulate air efficiently which impact many factors within your facility. They balance the internal environment with a gentle mass of air or "floor jet," which creates a more even temperature to protect product integrity and prevent potential product spoilage.


The C-Class Commercial Fan is where style and functionality meet. Let your ideas take flight with the completely customizable Entrematic C-Class commercial fan. Don't settle for an ordinary-looking fan when you can showcase your imagination and creativity with a fan of your design. Its lightweight, low-profile design makes it versatile enough to mount in a variety of spaces, while a 5-blade design helps it run so quietly you almost won’t notice it’s there unless, of course, you designed it to stand out.


Experience our engineered solutions for yourself. Our qualified and professional team is here to serve you. Contact us at (904) 695‐0950 for Jacksonville, (407) 857‐2427 for Orlando, and (813) 643‐7000 for Tampa.


For service request, visit for more details and information.


Impact Barriers Available from American Roll-Up in Jacksonville, Orlando & Tampa FL


The loading area between the truck and the warehouse is one of the most hazardous areas for forklift operators and warehouse employees. Thousands of workers are injured or killed each year due to trailer creep, premature truck departures and sloppy placement. It’s a sad fact that safety measures aren’t considered until after a serious accident occurs. Many loading dock accidents can be prevented with a simple dock lock, also known as a vehicle restraint. A dock lock is an inexpensive protection against a worst-case scenario, such as a forklift falling off the dock. It takes up very little space, and you may be able to get a discount on your insurance for being proactive about loading dock safety. Call American Roll-Up for a free safety inspection.


Helping you keep your dock safe and secure is our priority at American Roll Up. We offer a variety of Impact Barriers to aid in that safety. No matter what your needs are, we have the right barrier for the job.


Dock Guard™ Safety Barrier Lip


The Dock Guard™ Barrier Lip protects personnel, goods, and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock. When levelers are used in below dock end loading conditions the Dock Guard™ Lip is most useful in keeping the lift truck safely on the leveler.


The Dock Guard™ Barrier Lip provides extended life to the leveler. In normal operations, the Dock Guard™ lip hinge is 400% stronger than a conventional leveler hinge.


APS Bollard Pole

· Great protection for a variety of dock or warehouse applications

· Available in heavy-duty 6″ or 4″ diameter, schedule 40 pipe with ½” base plate

· Optional cap available

· Floor hardware included


APS Dock Impact Barrier

· 4″ wide

· Weather resistant for long-term performance

· 47,000 microprisms per square inch provide intense reflective property


American Roll-Up in Jacksonville, Orlando & Tampa FL offers complete dock safety solutions including dock locks, dock levelers and the edge of docks, along with a complete state of the art new dock system for your business. Other options, a vehicle restraint can be used in conjunction with a dock leveler and controlled by one panel – ensuring ease of use and complete compatibility between the leveler and restraint. Let us know how we can help make your loading dock safer and more efficient. Contact us online, or by phone.


Contact us at (904) 695‐0950 (Jacksonville), (407) 857‐2427 (Orlando), (813) 643‐7000 (Tampa) for faster response.

Why Hormann-Flexon Speed-Guardian™ is best for manufacturing, paper mills, steel plants, airports, distribution and transit in Florida?

Functionality of commercial doors in Florida is the last thing business owners want to worry about. From security, to energy efficiency, to day to day operations, doors play a large role for commercial property, so it’s important they’re constantly working at peak performance. American Roll Up Door Co. understands business owners have enough on their plate.


At American Roll Up Door Co. we make your life easier by removing any stress from commercial doors. Every business and commercial property is different, which is why it the time to help find the perfect commercial high speed doors to fit the needs of every business. That’s why you have to carefully choose what kind of commercial high speed door is right for every application. Why Hormann-Flexon Speed-Guardian™is best for manufacturing, paper mills, steel plants, airports, distribution and transit in Florida?


Here’s why:


Hormann Flexon Speed Guardian™ - Speed-Master® 2600 L is a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8’0” high. The material options include patented, sectional panel design, made of ultra tough, reinforced, puncture resistant 90 oz. / sq. yd. Bulldog XT material. Panels are connected with heavy duty aluminum hinge profile. Industries such as manufacturing, paper mills, steel plants, airports, distribution and transit, that have high cycle door requirements, will benefit from the simple and reliable design of the Speed-Master® 2600 L aside from the common needs of this facilities for enhanced security. Energy saving, and can manage traffic flows.


The Speed-Master® 2600 L now includes next generation Smart Start™ HFC1 3-phase plug and play box. The updated control box has a simplified wiring configuration, is more powerful, and has fewer components and cables as compared to the original Smart Start™. A distribution block accepts the activation and protection device wiring; main power cables fee through pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the box where the individual wires, with pre-wired removable terminal blocks, simply plug into the circuit board.


Paper mill High-performance doors like Speed-Master® 2600 L are ready to work in any environment. American Roll Up Door Co. has doors to suit every business need. Applications for our doors cover any exterior to interior use, withstanding the harshest climates and custom fit for the largest door openings.


Steel plants American Roll Up Door Co. installs large industrial doors for steel plants, offering attentive technical support That is why our commercial doors custom designed for steel plant industry are safe and functional. But, what is more important, they ensure rapid and safe opening and closing operations. Speed-Master 2600 L doors are the ideal solution in this case, high speed and durable.


Airport Airports require the use of high-quality industrial doors to ensure smooth and rapid transit operations. Airport hangars and naval bases must preserve their means from adverse weather conditions (frost, wind, hail, storms) and meet specific operational needs (especially armed forces, the police and civil protection). However, the operations to be carried out within these facilities cannot be impaired, especially those near transit areas. Commercial Doors like Speed Master 2600 L solve all these problems and ensure safe and smooth operations


Distribution Commercial doors in Florida for distribution industry offers the same attentive technical support. Hormann Flexon Speed-Guardian™ are the ideal solution in this case, since they ensure high speed, durability and insulation and are extremely easy to clean. They are also designed to ensure high resistance to chemicals.


Transit Companies operating in the transit industry complies with many different regulations, in particular those aimed at ensuring maximum safety for workers. The solutions developed by Hormann-Flexon Speed-Guardian™ for this sector are designed to protect workers while working with machinery, but also electronic products synchronized with other machinery used. They are designed to protect both people and facilities, without compromising on quality.


American Roll Up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ is the first choice of many leading Florida industrial companies who depend on our ability to consult, design and install an industrial door system to the highest possible standards backed by a 24/7 support. We supply the very best products for industrial, retail and commercial door applications in Tampa Florida, Orlando and Jacksonville.


Our high speed from Hormann Flexon Speed Guardian™ commercial doors, our ability to deliver first time to our customers’ design brief and operational considerations ensures excellence in all industries –paper mill, steel plants, airports, manufacturing and distribution and transit applications. Call us now at ! or you may fill up our contact us page and we’ll call you right back!

What Kind of Inflatable Seals and Shelters does American Roll-Up Door Offer?

A unique feature of the inflatable seal and shelter is that it can accommodate a large variety of truck heights as the top curtain continues inflating until it seals against the top of the truck. Blowing up and sealing around the back of the truck or trailer when docked, this seal reduces energy loss and prevents pests and outside air from entering your facility. Once the truck has docked securely the dock attendant switches the fan on and it inflates until it seals tightly around the truck. The fan keeps inflating the seal until the truck needs to depart from the dock. At this time the fan is switched off and the curtain deflates allowing the truck to depart.



So, what kind of inflatable seals and shelters does American Roll-Up Door offer?



Serco SI300 Inflatable Dock Seal The Serco SI-300 Inflatable Dock Seal effectively insulates and seals standard door size openings. This inflatable dock seal is ideal for climate-controlled loading docks while providing flexibility and convenience.




Inflated with the low-pressure, high-volume blower motor

Ideal when minimal building wall pressure is desirable

Wall-mounted blower located above the seal

Can be interlocked with other dock equipment for improved performance and efficiency



Serco SI310 Inflatable Rail Shelter

The SI-310 Series inflatable air rail shelter features durable, flexible coated fabric airbag construction and provides a positive, energy-saving seal between building and rail car. The Serco SI 310 Inflatable Rail Shelter is available in three-sided or four-sided models.



Durable, one-piece cover construction

Inflated by high volume, low-pressure blower motor

Can be interlocked with other dock equipment for improved performance and efficiency



Serco SI350 Inflatable Dock Seal

The SI-350 is designed for taller doorways and docks servicing a wide variety of trailer heights to provide a tight, energy-efficient seal with minimal pressure to the building wall.



• Full-width header and protective canopy

• Variable height head airbag adjusts to different trailer heights

• Head member includes a torsion-spring retraction system

• Inflated by high-volume, low-pressure blower motor

• Can be interlocked with other dock equipment for improved performance and efficiency



Serco SI400 Inflatable Dock Shelter

The Serco SI-400 Adjustable Frameless Inflatable Dock Shelter is a fully inflatable shelter ideal for wider and taller doorways that service a wide variety of trailers, including those equipped with hydraulic lift gates.


• Durable, one-piece full-width canopy construction

• Head and side members adjust to seal a wide variety of trailer sizes

• Provides full width and height access to trailer interior

• No building wall pressure exerted through dock shelter

• Inflated by high volume, low-pressure blower motor

• Ideal for door sizes up to 10’ (3 m) wide and 10’ (3 m) high

• Can be interlocked with other dock equipment for improved performance and efficiency



Serco SI450 Inflatable Dock Shelter

The Serco SI-450 allows full, unobstructed access to a wide variety of trailers. Horizontal and vertical translucent panels allow natural light into the dock during loading and unloading operations.


• Airbags feature durable, flexible coated-fabric construction

• Provides full height and width access to trailer interior

• Galvanized steel framing

• Head and side members completely retract out of the contact area and store behind heavy duty curtains

• Inflated by high-volume, low-pressure blower motor

• Can be interlocked with other dock equipment for improved performance and efficiency



Improve dock energy efficiency and loading dock environmental control all at once with Serco inflatable dock seals and shelters. Ideal for climate-controlled loading docks, inflatable dock seals and shelters offer flexibility and convenience, as they create the ultimate energy seal for your dock without putting pressure on your building walls. And best of all, they can easily be interlocked with restraints and other dock equipment for improved efficiency and safety.



Are you looking for the most effective seal, but do you also require an energy efficient solution? Our inflatable dock shelter seals even the tiniest gaps!



SERCO inflatable dock seal and shelter from American Roll Up Door makes use of two robust durable inflatable cushions to create the seal between the dock and the vehicle. The dock shelter is resistant to weather conditions and supplied with galvanized protection consoles.



With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and the team of factory trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently. Call American Roll Up Door at JACKSONVILLE (904) 695‐0950 ORLANDO (407) 857‐2427 TAMPA (813) 643‐7000. Or you can visit our website to check the other products we offer.

Why Choose Cornell Commercial Rolling Steels Doors for Manufacturing and Warehousing Industries in Florida?

Buildings come in a range of different sizes and requirements — to allow owners more selection based on their needs, American Roll Up Door Co. carries one of the largest inventories of commercial doors available today. Whether you utilize your building for manufacturing and warehousing, anything else, there’s an American Roll Up Door solution that will work for you.


So, Why Choose Cornell Commercial Rolling Steels Doors for Manufacturing and Warehousing Industries in Florida?


Cornell Commercial rolling steel overhead doors are an economical choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Commercial roll-up doors for storage facilities, warehouses, and other commercial applications. It is extremely versatile platforms that can be customized to better suit your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you have specific branding, security or workflow requirements, a Cornell Commercial rolling steel door can be counted on to deliver value and performance. When you need a door that’s fire rated, secure, code access compliant and environmentally-friendly, Cornell Commercial rolling steel doors is the answer. This is the case for numerous customers throughout the industrial and commercial sectors.


American Roll Up door Co. has worked with numerous businesses and manufacturing facilities throughout Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida to help the need for steel rolling doors and pair demand with solutions. We’re ready to help you decide whether or not one of these overhead doors is right for you, and we’ll make sure you’re getting optimal value out of your choice—no matter what industry you’re in or what the final application is.


You’ll find Cornell Commercial Rolling steel Door products in a diverse selection of commercial applications, including restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, fire stations, warehouses, loading docks, concession areas, shopping malls and more. Insulated commercial overhead doors make an excellent choice when energy efficiency is required.You can call this number for immediate response. JACKSONVILLE (904) 695‐0950 ORLANDO (407) 857‐2427 TAMPA(813) 643‐7000.


If you have questions about Cornell commercial rolling steel doors, American Roll Up Door is here to help. Our extensive service & support center is a great place to find information about our commercial door warranty, product manuals and brochures, maintenance tips and more.

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